SFT Remembers 9/11


A second day of infamy in our Nation’s history, coined as, “The Day When the World Stopped Turning,” “Attack on America,” and “The Second Pearl Harbor,” September 11, 2001 changed America and the world forever. Words and phrases like “Ground Zero”, “Nine Eleven”, and “Terrorist Attack” became part of our regular vernacular.  The attorneys and staff of SFT Lawyers were each asked to recount where they were and how they felt during that infamous date and time:

“As I was getting ready for work, the television was on, but I really wasn’t paying much attention to it. As I shut it off to leave for work, I saw the picture of a burning building and the news banners, but wasn’t sure if it was real or not. After getting to work, which was five minutes away, I immediately turned on the television, and just then the second plane hit. As more and more people came into work, we just watched mostly in silence and disbelief as the facts unfolded. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more helpless and chilling feeling.”

-Debbie Biancardi, Paralegal

“I was in high school in the middle of taking ISTEPs, we were all informed to stop taking the test as they had an announcement to make and put the TV on for us to watch. We all sat in silence trying to comprehend what was happening. We did not want to believe that this was really happening.”

-Nicole Reives, Paralegal

“I was a Marine, stationed with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines in Kaneohe, Hawaii. I remember gathering with my fellow Marines in a small room to listen on the radio that a small plane had “accidentally” crashed into a skyscraper in Manhattan. There were several of my Marines who lived near there, and they immediately ran out to start making frantic phone calls to loved ones. A few minutes after that, all hell broke loose on the base. Everything was on lock down, and we started constant patrols around the perimeter of the base by helicopter, amphibious vehicle, and on foot.”

-Christopher Buckley, Attorney

“I was at home getting ready for class when it happened.  I was following events on the radio as I drove, and noticed a total lack of airplanes in the sky, a very uncommon sight in our area, especially on such a clear day.”

-Brent Torrenga, Attorney

“When 9/11 occurred I was a freshman at Andrean High School.  I can remember school being let out early that day due to the tragic event. At the time I didn’t truly understand the magnitude of what had happened due to my age. As years passed by I grew to understand just how devastating the event was, and the sacrifices that so many people made for our country’s freedom.”

-Michael Campbell, Attorney

“I was at work listening to the radio, when the first plane hit. Initially we had no clue that there was anything other than an accident. But by the second plane we knew we were under attack .  By the third we knew we were at war. We had no idea who was waging the war. It was quiet; nobody spoke, and nobody knew what to think. I think all of our minds went to Pearl Harbor.”

-Benjamin Fryman, Attorney

Fourteen (14) years later, SFT Lawyers mourns the victims and those left behind by the unwarranted and vicious attack against our country on our own soil. We extend our condolences for all lost, their families, and the heroes–many of whom sacrificed their lives–in the course of the tragic events of September 11, 2001.