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You have been injured, as the result of a car crash, a slip and fall, or a workplace mishap.  You’re still in shock.  You may not remember all of the details of what happened to you, but worries start to creep up in your mind.  Is this injury permanent? Is it going to get worse? How long am I going to suffer this pain?  How am I going to pay my bills? Who is going to pay all of these medical expenses? An Indiana injury attorney can guide you though this process.

Shouldn’t the People Responsible Have to Pay for Your Injuries? An Indiana Injury Attorney Can Help!

If you are injured when you have done nothing wrong, chances are someone caused it.  Someone or some company did something or failed to do something that caused damage to your body, and as well pain, suffering, and mental anxiety. Whoever caused your injuries may not be a bad person or a bad company; sometimes good people or companies do cause injuries.  This is why liability insurance exists–as a cash reserve just in case something happens that no one anticipates, such as a Indiana injury.  These insurance policies (or self insurance in some cases) are designed to make cash available to victims who are injured.

Insurance Companies Want to Settle Personal Injuries Quickly and Cheaply

Lake and Porter County personal injury attorneysThis is not to say that businesses and insurance companies want to pay more than they absolutely need to.  The goal of the person, business, or insurance carrier is to settle your claim as quickly–and cheaply–as possible.  Within hours of sustaining a traumatic injury, you will likely hear from company representatives or insurance adjusters eager to settle your claim for as little as possible.  In fact, you may still be in the hospital when they come to see you.

Beware of Tricks – Talk to a Lake or Porter County Personal Injury Attorney

You should always consult with a Indiana injury attorney before speaking with a company representative or insurance adjusterCompany representatives and insurance adjusters will often be very persistent and insist meLake and Porter County personal injury attorneyeting with you to discuss the accident as soon as possible. They usually want to get a recorded statement from you in an attempt to create or point out any minor inconsistency in the details of your claim and to limit their liability for the injury.

After the visit, the insurance adjuster may make a monetary offer to you.   This offer is usually the lowest possible amount that the insurance adjuster feels will dispose of the claim.  If you accept this offer, the insurance adjuster will require you to sign a release, which they hope will forever prevent you from suing the company or carrier involved, and possibly prevent you from being fully compensated for your injuries.

SFT Lawyers – Experienced Indiana Injury Attorney s

Here at SFT Lawyers, we have experienced Lake and Porter County personal injury attorneys who will fight aggressively to get you the compensation for your personal injury that you deserve.  Our Indiana injury attorney s are well trained and experienced in taking Indiana injury cases all the way through trial, and we will work diligently to obtain adequate compensation for the injuries you have sustained and make sure that the people and companies at fault contribute towards your recovery.

In all of our Indiana injury cases we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS. You will never have to pay for up front attorney fees, and we typically advance all litigation costs.  Our fee is always paid at the conclusion of the case, and if you do not recover any money as a result of your case, we will not charge a fee.  CALL TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!  (219) 841-5683.