Indiana Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Indiana medical malpractice attorneyDoctors make mistakes. After all, they are human. But when they do, they need to be held accountable.  Not only do doctors need to be held accountable for their mistakes, the victims of Indiana medical malpractice and their families deserve to be compensated for the doctor’s error. Medical malpractice can result in the permanent impairment of a limb or body part, or it can result in paralysis, or even death of the person.  Not only does an Indiana medical malpractice attorney seek compensation for the person or his or her family, Indiana medical malpractice attorneys work to make sure that bad doctors cannot continue to negligently practice medicine without accountability.

Indiana Medical Malpractice Lawsuits are Complicated

There are many parts to a lawsuit involving Indiana medical malpractice.  First, there is a process known as the Medical Review Panel (MRP).  The Medical Review Panel consists of three (3) physicians in the same or related field of medicine as the doctor who committed the act or omission.  The Panel is chaired by an Indiana medical malpractice attorney.  The Panel process and deliberation takes several months, and a report is prepared stating whether the panel believes Indiana medical malpractice occurred or did not occur.  Once this determination is made, the victim can either proceed to trial and hire a medical expert at his or her own expense to overcome an adverse decision, or he or she can attempt to settle.

Indiana Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Are Costly

In addition to the incredible amount of time and money required for the Medical Review Panel process, if an adverse decision is reached, the potential plaintiff must hire his or her own medical expert at his or her own cost.  Each medical expert, depending on the particular field, can often range from five thousand dollars ($5,000) to fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) to prepare for litigation and trial.

Hire an Experienced Indiana Medical Malpractice Attorney!

It takes a specific skill set and amount of experience to understand Indiana’s medical malpractice laws.  You need an experienced and knowledgeable Indiana medical malpractice attorney to assist you if you believe a doctor has committed medical malpractice in Indiana that has caused permanent injury or death.  Not only does the Indiana medical malpractice attorney need to have special knowledge and skills, the Indiana medical malpractice attorney will often initially cover the extensive costs of litigation, including medical expert witnesses until litigation is complete.

SFT Lawyers – Experienced Indiana Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Here at SFT Lawyers, we always give our potential medical malpractice clients consultations at no cost.  If we determine that you have a case we are willing to pursue, we will initially advance many costs of litigation to reduce what you would otherwise have to pay out of pocket at the outset.  In addition, you only pay us a fee if we recover money on your behalf, and that is only due at the conclusion of the lawsuit or settlement.  CALL TODAY for a FREE CONSULTATION! (219) 841-5683.