SFT Lawyers Honors and Remembers America’s Veterans

Veterans-Day-Images-Of-For-FacebookSFT Lawyers is proud of America’s Veterans, who made sacrifices from personal and family hardships, to those who have been physically or mentally injured in combat, to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in laying down their lives for our liberties and freedoms.

SFT Lawyers has made a commitment to serving all those who have served. In fact, SFT Lawyers has a long history of helping veterans with their legal issues, regardless of their ability to pay.

SFT Lawyers also employs a veteran-attorney, Christopher Buckley. Attorney Buckley served in the United States Marine Corps from 1998 to 2002, both at home and abroad, and places an emphasis in his practice on veterans’ issues. SFT Lawyers is proud to hire veterans, and to help veterans and their families with their legal needs.

If you have served in the United States military, on behalf of SFT Lawyers, thank you for your service and sacrifice.  If you or someone you know is a veteran in need of legal help, please do not hesitate to call for a FREE CONSULTATION. (219) 841-5683.