Get That Divorce You’ve Always Wanted, Cheaper Than You Think

“Someday one of your friends is going to get divorced. Don’t go, ‘Oh, I’m sorry!’. That’s a stupid thing to say. No good marriage has ever ended in divorce. If your friend got divorced, it means things were bad. And now, they’re better.”

-Louis C.K., Comedian

Indiana divorce

It’s tax season 2016, and the last thing that you are thinking about is paying for a divorce.  Instead, you probably have ideas of grandeur about what you can use that tax refund for.  You might think of paying off debt, or buying something of luxury like a car or a boat. But after you have exhausted every other possibility, you might be looking at the inevitable.  You finally get to a point when there is no other option but dissolving your marriage, otherwise known as divorce.  Divorce is always traumatic.  Divorce is hard on all parties; but it doesn’t have to be more difficult than it needs to be.

Of course, there are always divorces worth fighting for. If you have millions of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake in your marriage, this article doesn’t apply to you.  In those cases, experienced divorce lawyers (such as those at SFT) will spend countless hours trying to maximize your share of marital assets in the final division, and this can become quite costly.  But in a simple divorce, why should you have to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on attorneys when ‘the fight’ might not even be worth fighting?

At SFTLawyers, we have a common sense approach to “uncontested” divorces. Uncontested divorces are separations where the parties generally agree to how the marital estate will be split, and/or how custody and parenting time with children will work.  When you already agree, the lawyer’s function (even though the lawyer technically has to represent only one party to the divorce) is largely one of a scrivener, that is, the lawyer simply draws up documents that effectuate the agreement of the parties.

When the lawyer acts primarily as the scrivener, the lawyer’s time is typically billed as a flat fee.  A flat fee is a lump sum fee which is the only fee that the lawyer takes as compensation to work on the case. The lawyer cannot earn in excess of the flat fee, and you are comforted in knowing what the lawyer’s fee is up front.  The lawyer does not bill you for the lawyer’s time.  You simply pay one lump sum for all services rendered in the case.  This is beneficial for the client, especially in uncontested divorce cases.  When the lawyer receives a flat fee, the lawyer’s incentive is to finish the case as quickly as possible to move on to the next case.  This gets people the divorce they want and need from their former spouse, and get on with his/her life, without risking the common pitfalls that often accompany attempting to do your own divorce yourself.

SFT Lawyers has a common sense, reasonable price structure tailored to meet the needs of a no-asset or low-asset divorce.  We can send you on your way, legally single again, without hurting the bottom line–your wallet.  Call SFTLawyers for a FREE CONSULTATION for a low-asset or a no-asset divorce TODAY! (219) 841-5683.