Negligence in Personal Injury Cases – ‘Do I Have a Case?’

In law school, lawyers are all taught the concept of negligence.  In fact, in most law schools, law students might spend an entire semester learning about what negligence is.  Negligence is a technical term of art that has a very specific meaning within the law, and may not mean what the common person might perceive it to be.

In order to sustain a cause of action in a personal injury case, the lawyer needs to know a few things about how your personal injury happened.  First, the lawyer needs to know that you were actually harmed by the event.  Simply because someone made an error doesn’t mean that you have a personal injury lawsuit against the person or entity.  A “near miss” is also a “near miss” of having a personal injury case. Unfortunately, to have a good personal injury case, you must have endured some rather serious injury, and suffered harm as a result.

Second, the lawyer needs to find out what it is precisely that caused the accident.  There are instances in which personal injuries arise, and no one did anything wrong, e.g. someone is struck by lightning, injured as a result of an earthquake, or falls over from a heart attack.  You cannot recover damages for an injury that isn’t the direct result of someone else’s mistake, omission, or error.  The personal injury lawyer will eventually have to determine what precisely the allegedly negligent persons were supposed to do or not do, and then what the persons did or did not do that resulted in a personal injury.  Many of these distinctions require the advanced education, training and experience of a Lake County personal injury attorney or Porter County personal injury attorney.

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