Porter County and Lake County Teachers: Sign Up for Law Day 2016


SFT is proud to support the American Bar Association, the Indiana Bar Association, and the Lake and Porter County Bar Associations in in promoting Law Day 2016.  Law Day is a day recognized by U.S. Presidents dating back to Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958.  (See proclamation here.)  Law Day was proclaimed for May 1st of each year, however, this year, May 1st happens to fall on a Sunday.

In the words of John F. Kennedy:

“[J]ust as freedom itself demands constant vigilance, it is essential that we nurture through education and example an appreciation of the values of our system of justice and that we foster through our improved understanding of the functions of law and of the independent courts an increased respect for law and for the rights of others as basic elements of our free society…”

-President John F. Kennedy, Proclamation 3445, Law Day, 1962

On each Law Day, lawyers from across the country are strongly encouraged to enter classrooms to teach children and young adults about the rule of law, and why it is central to our values and society. This year, the theme for Law Day is Miranda: More than Words.

This year, the curriculum developed in partnership between the American Bar Association and the Indiana Bar Association is designed to teach students about the landmark Miranda v. Arizona decision  which requires particular warnings to suspects prior to custodial interrogations by police.

A number of lawyers and judges have already committed to volunteering to teach in classrooms across Northwest Indiana on the Miranda theme for Law Day 2016.  Please visit www.inbar.org for more information.