Criminal Post Conviction Relief Available July 1, 2013 for A, B, and C Felonies in Indiana!

This Site has posted numerous articles on the topic of criminal post-conviction relief and the Indiana Second Chance Act.  This was a historical law passed in 2012 that allowed certain D Felonies to be reduced and entered as Class A Misdemeanors, and allowed certain Misdemeanors to be sealed from public view.  As was written by Attorney Christopher Buckley on June 4, 2013, the Indiana General Assembly greatly expanded relief available to those who have made mistakes or those with a distant criminal past.  What makes this new law most exciting is that it is now available on a limited basis to those who have a Class A Felony, Class B Felony, or Class C Felony on his or her criminal record.

As of July 1, 2013, those with major felonies on their criminal records can have them expunged from public view.  The only limitation is that the new Indiana law does not apply to official misconduct, sexual or violent offenses, offenses involving serious bodily injury, homicide (murder) and/or Human & Sexual Trafficking.  The Petitioner must wait eight (8) years from completing any and all court ordered obligations to qualify.

If you have an Indiana Class A Felony, an Indiana Class B Felony, or an Indiana Class C Felony on your criminal record and feel that you qualify to have your criminal record expunged, call us at (219) 841-5683 or Contact Us using the Quick Form at the bottom of our Criminal Post Conviction Relief Page for a FREE CONSULTATION.