Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Campbell Gets Felony Theft Case Dismissed

SFT is proud to announce that its own Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Campbell won a dismissal from the Porter County Prosecutor yesterday.  (See NWI Times article here.)

After tough negotiations with Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Campbell, the Porter County Prosecutor dismissed the criminal charges against the Defendant.  The charges involved a private contract between the Defendant, a local builder, and a customer of the Defendant’s business.  Attorney Michael Campbell stood firm that that his client was innocent of any criminal charges and that this was purely a civil matter.  Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Campbell was then finally able to force the Porter County Prosecutor to back down.  Prior to the dismissal, the Defendant faced a lifetime felony conviction on his criminal record, as well as between six (6) months and two and a half (2 1/2) years in the Indiana Department of Corrections.  If it was not for the actions of Attorney Michael Campbell, the Defendant very well could have suffered this fate.

Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Campbell was quoted as saying,

“We’ve maintained all along that the issues raised in this case are civil in nature — stemming from a contractual dispute — and are best addressed as a civil lawsuit.”

(Courtesy of NWI Times).

Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Campbell is an energetic, aggressive criminal defense attorney who has made quite a name for himself in recent years as a tough, no-nonsense advocate for his clients.  Attorney Michael Campbell has won NOT GUILTY jury verdicts as well as achieved numerous favorable plea negotiations, deferrals, and pretrial diversions for his clients.

If you have found yourself facing criminal charges in Lake, Porter, or LaPorte Counties in Indiana, choosing Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Campbell could make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.  CALL TODAY for a FREE CONSULTATION with a tough, aggressive, and energetic criminal defense attorney who will protect your rights!  CALL TODAY(219) 841-5683.