Spend Your Tax Refund Wisely! Get a Better Job with an Indiana Criminal Record Expungement!

It is tax season again, and there are countless ways to spend that long awaited State and Federal Income Tax Return. Many people lay awake at night dreaming of buying that new car, paying off credit cards, doing overdue home improvement projects, or finally being able to pay for thIndiana Criminal Record Expungementat divorce that you have long awaited. While I will not comment on the value of the latter of those, the others may be a good idea in terms of spending your hard earned tax refund.  However, spending your tax refund getting an Indiana criminal record expungement could make your money work even harder for you when you land that job you have been afraid to apply for because of your criminal record.

We all Make Mistakes. Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Can Erase Them!

We all make mistakes.  We shouldn’t have to pay for them forever. The Indiana General Assembly, in passing the “Second Chance Act” first in 2011 realized that.  There is no sense in punishing past offenders for their entire lives, and preventing them from suitable employment opportunities simply because of a single or series of past indiscretions. An Indiana criminal record expungement attorney can help!

Indiana Criminal Record Expungments are Faster and Cheaper than You Think!

Many people think that no matter what you hire a lawyer for, you are in for thousands and thousands of dollars in legal fees.  That is not the case here.  These cases are usually done on a flat fee basis. For as little as a thousand dollars ($1,000) in some cases, a lawyer at SFT Lawyers will take your case from start to finish.*  As well, under the newest version of the new Indiana expungement law, many these Indiana criminal record expungement petitions can be completed within thirty days of filing the petition, and even sooner in some cases.**

New Changes Make it Even Cheaper to File Indiana Criminal Record Expungements!

There are many exciting changes for 2015 when it comes to Indiana criminal record expungement.  One such change is that the law no longer requires a civil filing fee when filing Indiana criminal record expungement petitions. When formerly you would have to pay a filing fee between a hundred fifty ($150.00) and two ($200.00) hundred dollars per case with each court, this is no longer the case. This can mean big money if you have convictions in multiple Indiana counties and would otherwise have to pay some pretty hefty fees for your Indiana criminal record expungement.

SFT Lawyers has Experienced Indiana Criminal Record Expungement Attorneys Ready to Help You Get that Better Job!

SFT Lawyers was among the first law firms in Indiana to begin filing Indiana criminal record expungement petitions in courts all over Indiana!  SFT Lawyers has filed and gotten results for literally hundreds of clients, in nearly every county in Indiana!***  CALL TODAY for a FREE CONSULTATION on Indiana criminal record expungment and get your life back on track today! (219) 841-5683.

*Not a guarantee of actual price in Indiana criminal expungement cases.  Flat fee varies on a case-by-case basis, and depends on a number of factors involved in the legal services provided.  Please call for a free consultation to discuss actual fee charged for actual services performed.
**Not a guarantee of result for actual time elapsed for resolving Indiana criminal record expungements. Actual time may vary on a case-by-case basis.  Please call for a free consultation to discuss actual time estimated for individual case(s).
***Not a guarantee of result. Individual results may vary. SFT Lawyers does not promise or guarantee any result in any given case, nor in Indiana criminal record expungements.  SFT Lawyers does not assert that its services are greater than any other law firm in Indiana, nor promise or guarantee any result in excess of results from hiring other competent and licensed legal counsel in matters generally, or in Indiana criminal record expungement case(s).