Porter County Assessor Lauches Online Property Tax Appeals

One of SFT Lawyers‘ largest clients, the Porter County Assessor Jon M. Snyder, recently announced that he would be taking the Porter County Assessor’s office into the 21st Century by allowing taxpayers to file property tax appeals online.  (See Post Tribune article, “Porter County Website Gives Taxpayers Option to Appeal Online” 4 Oct. 2011; Northwest Indiana Times article, “Online Assessment Appeals to Begin Friday” 4 Oct. 2011.

In a bold move that capitalizes upon Jon Snyder’s campaign promises to the taxpayers of Porter County, online property tax appeals will revolutionize the way business is done in Porter County Government.   The Porter County Assessor, Jon M. Snyder, was the first of ninety two (92) counties in Indiana to officially construct and publicly offer such an innovative option.  Online appeals will save the taxpayers burdensome trips to the government center, not to mention that it may prove to reduce the expense of processing appeals, but that is to be determined in the months and years ahead.

For the project, Mr. Snyder was able to retain one of the Region’s great IT powerhouses, Golden Technologies, Inc. to complete the project, and it was done to a high caliber in a very short time and at a minimal cost to the taxpayers.  Although a far cry from the eGovernment that local governments have been striving for, this online option to file property tax appeals is bringing government one step closer to the people it governs.

  • Kevin Mullen

    On-line appeals are wonderful. The burden on the taxpayer to prove the assessment is erroneous is draconian. The headlines are full of evidence of the still crashing real estate market yet Porter County assessments continue to creep upward. We are to believe that Porter County real estate is somehow not only immune to the nationwide real estate free fall but our properties are actually INCREASING in value? When is our next chance to replace elected officials with people who are not drinking the cool aid?

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