Lake County Juvenile Lawyers

Lake County Juvenile LawyerThe job of a Lake County juvenile lawyer is very different from representing adults in the criminal justice system.  Representing juveniles as a Lake County juvenile lawyer requires a great deal of patience, and often the outcomes in Lake County juvenile cases differ wildly from their adult counterparts.

Lake County Juvenile Lawyer

In Lake County Juvenile cases, often judges will employ what is referred to as “alternative sentencing”.

Alternative sentencing in Lake County Juvenile cases often involves treatment and rehabilitation of the minor, rather than incarceration, even in some of the more serious Lake County Juvenile cases involving violence and drugs.  The main goal in the Lake County juvenile justice system is to rehabilitate these young people and to give them an opportunity to change their behavior.

Although punishment in Lake County juvenile cases is generally less severe than in the adult system, a juvenile being charged with criminal conduct is a serious matter. In many of the more serious cases, the State of Indiana may attempt to waive the child into the adult system, and the child could face the same penalties as he or she would face as an adult. In addition, the State may intervene and take possession or control of the child, placing the child in foster care, or even detaining the child in the Lake County juvenile detention facility. Avoiding this drastic result requires the skill and expertise of an experienced Lake County juvenile lawyer.

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Lake County Juvenile Lawyer